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Stardust part II

I saw Stardust. I am still unsure of what to think. I enjoyed the movie -- I can certainly say that. I hope that others go to see it because I think they will enjoy it too. It was silly at times. The humor was definately not typical comedy humor. It was more that it was so absurd and so random that it took you by suprise. There was also the subtle love story. It was by no means a dumb romatic comedy. The romance part of it was totally acceptable (there are plenty of movies that contain unacceptable amounts of romance -- these movies should be destroyed). There was also a whole lot of adventurous aspects to the story, which was pretty cool. Overall, it was a really good movie. Stephanie, who is not an over the top Neil Gaiman fan like me, loved the movie. I, of course, am more than familiar with the story of Stardust as I have read the book at least four times. Thus, the changes made for the movie version pre-occuppied me every once in a while. I tried to ignore it and just enjoy the m…