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I started a new job today. I, like, just got home from it -- my first day. Wow. So far, so good! Although, I was a little worried when I reported to where I was supposed to report at 8:30 this morning and at 8:35 took this picture of myself...

..because there was no one else there at the time, and I was definitely wondering if I wrote down the wrong day, time, or place. Then, just as I was putting my phone away, the training people came in. "Sorry, we're late!" they said.


Yesterday, my pilot dad took Stephanie and I up for an aerial look at the foliage.

We really weren't expecting to see much color, as it is still quite early for fall foliage, but...

...there was actually some beginnings of reds and oranges. Though, there was not much yellow.

The sun was in the eyes of co-pilot -- or something.

Before we took off, Stephanie was quite entertained by the helicopter that was practicing landing.


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