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More Roadkill (this time damage is done)

I took a road trip this weekend to Watertown, New York--home of the Miss New York State Pageant and Jreck Subs (and, as far as I can tell, nothing else). Watertown was probably a quaint area at one time or another; however, its quiet main street shops are in the midst of a brutal take over by a hideous insurgence of the usual big box retail stores. This is most evident in the difference between the town's main road last year and this year--five new "giants" have been in built in that time. It was quite shocking to say the least.

Now that the setting has been... well... set, let's move on the tale.

Stephanie and I were driving down the main road when an odd scent wafted into my typically reliable vehicle. My first thought was that someone else's car was in a state of disrepair and that the owner had better be on his or her way to the garage. It was then brought to my attention that smoke was appearing near the hood of my car like little ghosts escaping from the en…