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A Concert Survey

Because of the upcoming Pete Yorn concert that I am unbelievably excited about, I decided to pilfer the following concert survey from a myspace friend's bulletin. The answers, of course, are my own.

First concert?:
Huey Lewis and the News (if you can believe it) at SPAC; I was twelve. My second concert was Bryan Adams (of Summer of '69 fame) at the Knickerbocker Arena (a.k.a. The PepsiArena, a.k.a. The Times Union Center). We were on the floor a good distance from the stage, but there was a smaller stage near us that Bryan and band played a three or four song set on. It was pretty cool.

Last concert?:
The last concert I saw was Jewel. It was a solo acoustic show, which--as a solo acoustic performer--was of great interest to me. It was at the Palace Theater in Albany. We waited around outside before the show and took a picture of Jewel as she hastily walked from her tour bus into the theater.

Next concert?:
PETE YORN!! w00t!! I'm hugely excited about this. @ the Egg in Albany on…