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It's 6:45am as I start to type this (no doubt, I'll finish much later as I certainly tend to ramble... and proof read). It's Saturday and it's still dark out. For some reason the combination of being awake on a Saturday morning while it's dark out is incomprehensible. I set my alarm last night for 9:00...

So, I went to Lena's on Thursday, as usual. I sucked. For some reason my legs were wobbly and I couldn't get myself to stop thinking about it. My voice wasn't quite where it should be either. I played Christmas Time by Bryan Adams and Passenger.

Some pictures were taken, but I haven't taken them off of the phones that they were taken with, so... I'll just talk about it and post the pictures later.

Besides sucking, the night was pretty melancholy-ish. I don't know why. Maybe it was the stillness of winter. Maybe it was the fact that I decided to wear a Santa hat, which I regretted as I felt very silly.

I got heckled on stage. There were marria…