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I have a cold. I have had it for a few days and it just doesn't want to go away. I hate being sick and it really sucks for singing.

Due to a crazily busy weekend last weekend, I haven't kept up with my weekly postings. I'm going to quickly recap some music related stuff that I have been into lately.

Open Mic at Caffé Lena this past Thursday:

I worked the door and met some songwriters who were from out of town. Robin and Annie were from Brooklyn and were on their way to a gig in Burlington. They decided to stop at Caffé Lena's open mic while on their way.

I played Breaking Free and Saving the World.

Larkfest on Saturday:

Stephanie and I went to Larkfest, which is on Lark Street in Albany. We mainly went to see two bands that were playing on the main stage. The Sense Offenders, who are headed by Tom McWaters (a Caffé Lena open miker), and Saving Atlantis, a band that was created in Fulton County (the county in which I live). A former student of mine from back in my student te…