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The Heart of the Matter

A co-worker of mine suggested to me recently that I look into playing at a coffee shop/cafe that she had visited. She didn't know the name, but she knew the street it was on. I googled around and found out that she was referring to Samuel's Cafe. Which is really funny because I had actually sent their myspace page a friend request. Having never been to Samuel's, I didn't ask for a gig straight away. I like to start out as friends and build the relationship from there. But, hearing a good review of the place from my co-worker prompted me to ask. So, I'm excited to report that I am getting booked for one of two open dates in June. I'll post it on the dates page of my site and the myspace page as soon as I know which day I'm booked for.


Last night I attended Lena's. I received an email earlier in the day from a still-sick Kate Blain, who was set to host, asking me or Willie to take over for her (she didn't want to cough a lot into the mic). Thus, I…