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The End of the World

The end is nigh. It may seem silly to say that the world ends at the point of each individual's death, but I believe it does. For when you die, your world certainly ends.

I'm heartbroken, right now, and disappointed in myself. A former coworker of mine passed away last Sunday and today is the funeral. I missed the calling hours. I'm missing the funeral now. I can't bring myself to go.

Joe Maher was a really nice guy. He almost always had a smile on his face and told jokes quite often. He had a real cynical sense of humor at times and delivered his sarcasm with an ironic laugh. Joe often joined myself and a handful of others for group lunch outings and was always part of the group for outside-of-work activities.

Joe wasn't cut out for the work that we do. I'm not cut out for it either; I don't think anyone really is. Joe drank to attempt to wash away that emotional burden that we bear.

Joe was a big fan of "Pumped up Kicks" by Foster the People…