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Bark is Worse...

I haven't been doing much on the music front lately. I have certainly had other things to attend to. Still, I am glad for the break. If you do something for too long without taking a break than it becomes work-like, which is definitely not what I want music to become.

Even so, last night I attended open mic at Caffé Lena. It was a slow night as far as attendance goes, but sometimes slow nights are nice. It is more intimate.

When I got there, I wasn't sure if I was going to play or not, as I have been -- and still am -- suffering from some major allergy issues. I decided to play, however, and I did Sink or Swim and Rainy Day, which I had not done in what seems like forever.

To help me sing -- because my allergy issues were coming from my throat -- I bought Slippery Elm from the Four Seasons health food store on Phila Street. I have had the stuff before and I remember it being quite soothing to the sore throat sufferer. Now, when you read the name "Slippery Elm," do you …