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Hi Blog. Miss me?

It's been a long while since I last blogged. Not sure if there is an acceptable reason for the hiatus or if it just happened due to lack of necessity and/or desire. Either way, I hope you didn't miss me, Blog.

Since the last post, I have been up to a lot. I think I'll start with music related stuff first.

It has been confirmed that I will be playing at RailFest in Gloversville this year! The date is August 7th. I believe that's a Saturday. I don't know what time I'm on or where exactly RailFest occurs, but I'm sure that info will come to well in advance of me needing to be there.

I wrote a couple of songs and have been playing for people. One is called The Girl is Already Gone, which I wrote after two weeks of attempting to connect with women in bars. The song is pretty straight forward and tells the story of waking up after a long night of trying to talk to a girl who uses and abuses the narrator by having him hold her purse and buy her drinks. The narrator …