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Acrobat Cat

I came home last night after being out late at Lena's to find Mimmy, the cat that some times sleeps in my guitar case, playing with a cricket in the driveway. This was quite odd, due to the fact that Mimmy is an indoor cat and isn't allowed outside without a harness and a leash and a person keeping watch on her. Stephanie has lost cats in the past to the cruel world and we are taking precautions to make sure that the same fate does not befall the current cat. Which is why I was very confused to see Mimmy outside.

"Hey, Mimmy," I said. "Watcha doin'?"

I unlocked the back door and put my guitar, etc. inside and watched as the cat pounced on the cricket, let it go, pounced on it again, and repeated.

I walked back down the back steps and crouched a few feet away from her. She had "escaped" a few times before and so I know how much she doesn't like to be "caught." You have to be sneaky. I was waiting for the right moment to... er, pounc…