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Last Night

Last night was great!

Yesterday, however, started out as a terrible day. I wasn't feeling well for some reason. Maybe I was undernurished or the wicked heat from the two previous days had had an effect on me--either way, in the morning I had written a short list of things that I needed to accomplish; I did none of them.

Today, on the other hand, was excellent. It's only two o'clock and I have already accomplished most of yesterday's neglected list. I feel great and am looking forward to completing more tasks before getting together with friends tonight.

"What caused this change in attitude?" you might ask.

My answer might be as follows:

Last night was thursday night. And anyone who knows me knows that thursday night is Caffe Lena night! Whoo-hoo! And what a night it was!

I think that last night's open mic was the best open mic I have attended--ever!! And that's saying a lot!

Firstly, the crowd was excellent; they were very attentive (once in a while you…