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Blog You. You Blogging Blogger.

It's not very late on a cold December Sunday. Even so, I am in bed (which is where I spent a good portion of my day) being warm and sleepy. The headache that I have had since this morning is finally subsiding and I feel that I may be able to fall asleep peacefully without being in pain. The comfort of this realization has prompted me to open up blogger and write.

You see, it has been a while since I've blogged. Two weeks, as a matter of fact. And I should have a lot to write about. The problem with having a lot to write about is that when you do open blogger a whole bunch of things start to happen: 1) You have no idea where to start 2) You fear that you'll forget to write about something 3) You leave out bits and pieces of things in order to prevent yourself from writing a lot 4) You know it's going to take a while to get it all down, so you give up and leave it as a draft.

All such thoughts are going through my head...

Still, I haven't blogged in two weeks and I ne…