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Caribbean Cruise & Hollywood, Fl Jan/Feb 2017 Part 5

2/1/17 11:58pm 
Lido Deck, Carnival Conquest, Caribbean Ocean

"Oh. I get it.

The Mega Deck Party is not a Mega Party on the Deck. Rather it’s a party (a term, which is used quite loosely) on the deck, which is mega in size. In other words, the deck is mega. The party is... not. There are a few people here and there hanging out, but not much is going on…"

I wrote this at 10:54pm. Just after taking this picture:

It was six minutes before the Mega Deck Party was to begin. I walked to the Red Frog Rum Bar and ordered a pina colada. I put my man bag down. Then, the DJ started. The cruise director and a bunch of the cruise staff came out on the deck and within in minutes an actual mega party broke out!