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Twenty Thirteen

Does anyone really want to read a looking-back or looking-forward end-of-the-year menagerie of my thoughts, feelings, and misadventures? I don't really want to write one either. So, let's just do our best to get through this together. Deal?

It is somewhat customary for me to post the previous years end of the year, New Year posting, comment on it (looking-back) and then go from there.

Well, last year I posted this:


Which is not the customary looking-back/looking-forward thing and instead was a brief commentary on what I think about people who say they are going to do something, don't do it, say they are going to do it again, and don't do it again. In other words, it's about liars.

I posted this after the new year:


And it's not a looking-back/looking-forward thing either, but is rather hilarious.

So, I can't really comment on what my expectations of 2012 were at the end of 2011. I did make some resolutions for 2012 (from Re…