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Section 40

I used to go to concerts at SPAC a lot. I saw numerous bands back in the 90s and early 2000's and often attended multiple concerts each year. Over the past 10 years, there has been a change in popular music and the bands that were coming to SPAC weren't worth spending on, in my opinion. The bands that I wanted to see were playing smaller clubs, which was great because it was often much cheaper to see them. So, I hadn't been to SPAC in a while when I saw Tom Petty there this past Sunday.

Back when I was going to lots of concerts, I was always searching for the key to snag the best seats. The "pit," as the orchestra pit at SPAC is known, was always the holy grail. These seats were as close as you could get to band that you were there to see. And I was never in them.

I would log on to on the day that tickets went on sale with multiple browser windows. I would select "best available" and hope that I would end up with "pit seats."…


I have been trying really hard to keep a secret. But, the secret has been really wonderful and I have been wanting to talk about it, which has caused me to "leak" little bits and pieces of the secret to various people at various times. The purpose for keeping the thing a secret has been to assure that the thing is good before telling people that it will exist. You don't want to get people anticipating something that turns out to suck. Nothing worse than setting high expectations and falling way short of achieving them. The thing continues to be doing what it is supposed to be doing and is mostly succeeding at exceeding my expectations for it. Even so, I intend to continue to mostly keep this secret a secret for roughly one more month. There was some particular excitement surrounding the thing that occurred last night and I just want to share it with the world... but the excitement was only anticipation of awesomeness and not the completion of awesomeness (does that make …

Band Aides

I've been spending much of the last two weeks suffering horrendously from seasonal allergies and preparing for my show at Caffe Lena on June 19. I'm pretty excited about the show and generally pleased that my sinuses have cleared up. Breathing is helpful when singing.

I have had some rehearsals with the guys who will be joining me. I'm pretty impressed with the riffs and things that these guys are adding to my songs. It's really cool to hear what Ray Pashoukos is doing on mandolin and what AJ plays on bass.

I haven't been able to get the whole band together for a full rehearsal yet. Scheduling is tough and we all have other commitments. But, I'm confident that everyone can play together. These are all solid musicians who know what they are doing. I just have to not screw up (ha!) and we'll be fine.