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Interesting Title Goes Here

Do people even read the titles of blog posts? Hopefully not.

My friend, Bill -- who attended my show at MochaBlend last week, and who took pictures and video with his digital camera and cell phone -- sent me the aforementioned pictures and video.

Here are a couple that Bill took with his cell phone -- Verizon, I think.

The rest of his pictures, as well as the ones that Stephanie took, can be found

Unfortunately, the video didn't come out too good. While it certainly depicts me playing and singing and generally looking like a hip, confident rock star -- something I am most certainly not -- the sound quality is rough. I could only stand to listen to it for a minute or so before I turned the volume off.

I may decide to cut and paste bits and pieces of it into a brief showcase video, where you can see/hear parts of a few songs. If I do decide to do it, it will be under a minute in length.