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Photo Dump

I have had a bunch of pictures on my phone that I have intended to put up here since back at the beginning of the year.

At work, I have a torn piece of a magazine photo tacked to my cubicle. I got it from a travel magazine and keep it at work to remind me of nice places that I can go when I'm in a place that is the opposite of that.

A co-worker pulled this potato chip out of her bag of sour cream and onion chips. It's in the shape of a heart... how about that?

A friend at Caffe Lena cut the picture of me out of one of my business cards and taped it to the fire escape sign. This was done back a while back... it's still there. (*Note: "I'm" on stage.)

The same unnamed friend drew this on the open mic list.

I drew this at open mic at some point. And added some of the thought bubbles. The aforementioned unnamed friend wrote the description.

At some point at open mic night, I discovered a yellow twisty tie thing. I made a stick-figure playing a guitar and singing …