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Lost in Boston

I wrote a song earlier this year called Lost in Boston. It's not a particularly good song and so I don't play it much.

Tonight. I am in Boston. Earlier today, my dad got totally lost and we waited for him to be found for over an hour.

At any rate, I'm bored in the hotel room and thought I would quickly put up some pictures that I find to be entertaining to look at.

Jenn, Josh, Stephanie, and James not lost in Boston:

The same as above, with the exaggerated super hero-hanging-out-in-the-park pose:

@ Hard Rock:

Stephanie @ Hard Rock:

Stephanie at the hotel wearing duck PJs and not giving me back my laptop even though I asked nicely:

It's Sunday and I've had a great weekend. Visited my brother in New Hampshire. Opened some gifts. Played some games (Apples to Apples and Cranium Conga). Then came to Boston earlier today to see Jim Brickman in concert (a gift from my dad). He is a great pianist. His instrumentals are soothing and great for relaxing background music. His songs w…