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Sun Burn

My knee is bright red. This is due to me wearing my favorite jeans (the ones with the rips and tears all over them, including the knee) to the park where the craft fair thing was taking place yesterday.

I put sun tan lotion on before leaving the house and glanced down at my holy jeans. Then I put the sun tan lotion away, grabbed my guitar, and left for the park. I found a nice shady spot, tuned my guitar, and played. I played for about an hour and a half and made a few dollars in tips. I bought myself a hot dog for lunch and relaxed in the shade for a bit. Then I played for almost two more hours. I made enough money to buy dinner later that night. Which was kind of cool.

I randomly decided to sign up for facebook about 10 minutes ago. I received an invite from a person I know and just started typing in my info. The page came up and boom, I have a facebook. I hate it. I want to burn it down or at least throw sharp things at it. I was putting in brief pieces of info about my songwriting …