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Sunday Evening

I just returned home from test driving a bunch of different cars with Stephanie. Let me tell you, there are a lot of different types of car sales people out there... Anyways, I wanted to continue talking about the Shawn Mullins concert. If you haven't read my last posting, then you should scroll down and read that one first. Then come back and read this one.

Go ahead. I'll wait.


Okay. Now that you are back, the concert itself:

We entered the Linda and discovered that it is a rather cozy place. The chairs are wide and relatively comfortable. There is plenty of leg room. The ceiling is high and the place is dimly lit. Cozy.

There weren't many people seated, which meant that there were plenty of open seats to choose from. We sat a little left of center and two rows back from the stage.

The stage set up was simple. There was a microphone stand, two monitors, two guitars, and a stool with a bottle of water and capo on it.

Soon, a guy came up and tuned one of the guitars.…

Early on Sunday

I stated in that last blogger posting that I was going to write again Sunday evening. It's Sunday morning. I have some time to kill and I've decided to write about the concert that I attended on Friday and how I came to find out about it.

The Friday before last, I was on my way home from work listening to 97.7 WEXT when a familiar song called All in My Head came on. I smiled a little because I had just bought the CD that the song came from a few days earlier and I had been listening to it incessantly. The CD is by Shawn Mullins -- who had some national fame in the 90s due to the song Lullaby -- and is excellent (although, I still prefer his previous release 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor because of the song Blue as You, which has the most excellent acoustic guitar tone I have ever heard in a recording -- Tom Petty's Wild Flowers is a close second).

I sang along with All in My Head (because it's an awesome song) as I pulled up to a stop light, putting my turn signal on. The …