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This has been a perfect weekend for taking naps. I napped for a few good hours yesterday (Saturday) from about 2 oclock to 4. Then I napped today on the back porch futon from 1 to 3. Midday napping is a wonderful thing. I feel as though proper napping is an art form. Perhaps it could be turned into an Olympic event some day (Yoga is...). I would train to be an Olympic napper. I think I'd have a chance at a gold medal.

Anyway, I am in bed now and it is the end of Sunday. (Typing in bed isn't easy...). I feel as if I could have been more productive today. For instance, I could have worked on Inside the Open Mic. I have two episodes in post production -- one of which is nearly completed. I also could have done some recording. Specifically, I need to record my parts of a few songs that a friend of mine and I are going to play at an upcoming event. He'll need to learn and practice the lead parts. My parts are pretty easy since most of them are my songs or songs that I cover fre…