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Mics of the Open Variety

Jitters has an open mic on Wednesdays and the most wonderful cafe food ever. I went to the open mic to play and to eat... but mostly to eat. I had a quesadilla, which was quite tasty. I took a picture of Ryan Jenson singing his heart out; he always sings his heart out.

I played Jessie by Joshua Kadison, Road to Nowhere, and Passenger

On Thursday, I went to Lena's. I worked the door because Stephanie was in NYC for a conference. Gary Moon hosted (as he did at Jitters as well). He played Galileo by the Indigo Girls and did an excellent job of it. I sang along. Phil Drum was awesome and handed out some CDs of home recordings (which I am listening to now and sounds really good). Dave Scheffel had some... erm, fun with Gail Sparlin's piano flashlight... thingy... I took a picture of the list of names and a random cookie, which I later learned belonged to someone and, yet, disappeared before that someone was able to eat it. Bummer. I played Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash and Behold! The …