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Addendum to the Last Posting

I have decided that I am quite certain that the world is out to get me -- not in the looking-over-your-shoulder-every-five-seconds-jumping-ten-feet-in-the-air-at-loud-noises sense, however. Rather, I have slowly developed the conclusion after 30 + years of careful study and precise testing. And, as such, there is really no reason to be denying it any longer.

When it Rains, Make Lemonade... er, something.

I love (sarcasm) all those common sayings that people use when things go wrong. (ie: when it rains, it pours. When life gives you lemons, you must suck).

Well, Stephanie just found out what she is going to be doing with her economic stimulus check. A tire. Weeks after buying her new car, she ran over a nail. And it can't be patched due to the damage that the nail caused and the potential for a blow out after patching it. So, she has to buy a new tire, which is just great (sarcasm again) because this car has expensive tires.

And this comes just after I fixed my car up for 700+ dollars.

And my at work fish (Jaws) is dying.

So, it's pouring right now... and sucking.