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The Greatest Concert Ever

The other day, I was alone for a few hours and quite bored; though, I was uncharacteristically energetic and in need of doing something. So, I picked up my guitar and set up my mic stand and put on a full out concert of about 10 songs. There was an imaginary back up band (playing in my head), as well as, other imaginary things such as stage lights. The audience was numerous posters and pictures and some stuffed animals. They didn't really clap or cheer, but I could see in their plastic eyes that they were truly happy; some were excited, even.

I'm not going to post a set list, because -- hell, let's face it -- it wasn't a real concert. In the future, however, you should consider attending...


I have been doing some training for my new job and having a blast with some of the other trainees (actually, it was orientation; does that make us orintatees?), but the training ended, and we parted ways, and we may never see each other again (we all work in different departm…