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Ice Cream

Good news. My laptop came early! I have spent a good portion of my weekend preparing my old computer for some file transferring and getting the laptop (you have to name them and I called it Excalibur) ready for the files. The transfers worked smoothly enough. It just took a long time. The new laptop is about 20 times faster in file transferring than the old computer is.

I had hoped to be blogging on the new laptop, but I'm not. I haven't hooked it up to the internets yet, because Stephanie and I haven't finished moving her computer files over to my old computer (which she is inheriting). As soon as that is done, I can hook Excalibur up the the internets.

Right now, I am eating ice cream and bleeding from two gaping holes that are in the back and top of my mouth where wisdom teeth had been. They had to be removed because I was simply too smart for the rest of the population. Ba-dump-chi. Seriously though, I had to get them removed because they were cutting up the inside of my…