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There and Back Again

I'm home, now, from a weekend road trip to New Hampshire, where my brother lives with his wife and...

... their dog (George, the cute, sweater-wearing, forget-you-are-a-guest-and-bark-at-you-in-the-middle-of-the-night Bichon). We had a good time (we being Stephanie and I). We were taken to a flea market, which -- and I am ridiculous to mention this -- was the first flea market I had ever been to (at least, that I can remember). We were on an search for beanie babies (long story -- though, I will always think chunky monkey and remember to look for word chunks in long words that I don't know... whenever I see a monkey), which we found, and discovered a few interesting things that I took pictures of:

The wall of records... (this picture doesn't really do the place justice -- it was really cool)

The Chewbacca mask... (which, I overheard, is one of only a few thousand that were made... and comes with the rest of the... erm, Wookiee)

And the sketchy door, located in the basement, th…