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Random Pictures for You to Look at With Your Eyes

It's about time for a dump. A photo dump. What kind of dump were you thinking about? I take random pictures of stupid things for really no reason at all... There really isn't anything important that I can do with the pictures except post them on here.

For work, not too long ago, I was in a training. A very boring training, mind you. The incredibly boring trainer gave us toys to keep us occupied during the boring training. I was given a little bendable, yellow, smiling guy and some playdough. I made the smiling guy a trenchcoat...

Also during the boring training (after I got bored playing with my little bendable, yellow, smiling, flasher guy), I drew myself as a bear... I had a particularly thick beard at the time.

I went to NYC not too long ago to visit a friend. On my way to her place, I discovered Mecca. I managed to buy just one hat. Look at all those fedoras!

Work. There was a general uproar that lasted about a week after we were told to expect new desk assignments. Ther…