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Day 6 and 7 (Vacation Diary)

It is now Sunday. Which means I am three days late writing about day six of my vacation and two days late writing about seven five. I'm a bad blogger some times. I have been very busy since being home. There was a gathering Saturday night at a friend's house and I have had to unpack and tidy things up after the unpacking. I picked my cat up on Saturday and slept A LOT. I guess I was partially jet-lagged and partially behind on sleep. I have also been taking care of the sunburn that I had gotten on Thursday and haven't written about yet...

Okay. Time for the catch up.

I woke up Thursday morning (Day 6 of the Vaca) in the late morning and went straight for the poolside. Of course I put on sun tan lotion and took extra care to make sure I covered my back. In fact, I put on SPF 15 first and then added SPF 30 to my back because I had gotten a little red in some spots. In the next four hours, I laid on my stomach, laid on my back and switched back and forth between the two. I re…