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The Waiting is the Hardest Part...

It is the hottest day of 2006.

What have I done thus far with myself?

In the am (when it was just hot; not yet too hot), I awoke.

I ate breakfast while checking my email and watching various non-sensical videos on

I showered.

I dressed (in light clothing).

I dragged seven or so blankets down stairs to my computer room.

I set up chairs in the computer room in the shape of a square minus one side.

I draped the blankets over the chairs.

I set up microphones in the center of the three sided square and plugged in the microphones to a mixer which inturn got plugged into my computer.

I started to record.

Recording sucks. It sucks worse on the hottest day of the year when one's only wish is to sit in an air conditioned room with an iced latte in one hand and The Lord of the Rings in the other. However, I have already wasted half of the summer and I have no new recordings to show for it. My thoughts are thus: I need to record; I need to have a CD. This need is based on the following …