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Cherry Stems

I always thought that tying a knot in a cherry stem using only your tongue was an incredibly difficult thing to do that only a select percentage of the human population was able to accomplish. As it turns out, mediocre songwriters -- like myself -- are also able to do this feat.

I discovered that I can, in fact, tie a knot in cherry stem with my tongue this past Thursday at open mic. Here is how it happened:

Willie the Moak's wife baked brownies and brought them to the open mic. Willie turned them into brownie sundaes (which were incredibly delicious, I must say) with cherry's on top. I ate my sundae (after I advertised it to the crowd -- I was hosting) and found myself with an empty bowl except for a lone cherry stem. I put it in my mouth.

I don't know why it occurred to me at that particular time to try and tie it in a knot with my tongue. I guess when I saw the lonely, boringly-straight stem, my mind instantly thought "knot." Or, I simply remembered the feat of …