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On the street where I live, the houses are mostly dark in the incredibly ungodly hour of 12:30am. From the window of one house, blue light spills onto the front yard. The blue light is from the TV and the window belongs to my living room. I shut the TV off three minutes ago and wandered blindly through familiar rooms to the computer. I don't know why I am still up. I haven't been able to sleep for the past three nights. I yawn like a tired person would yawn, but I don't fall asleep. Actually, that is a lie. I came home from work today and barely made it to my bed before I completely passed out. It was a short nap, but it pretty much sealed my fate for tonight. In the last two nights that I couldn't sleep, I eventually did fall asleep shortly after midnight. Tonight, I don't feel the least bit tired.

One good thing that comes from sleep deprivation is song writing. Monday night, I came down stairs and lyrics hit me like an ocean wave when you're facing the beach.…