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I put another video up on YouTube. I had intended on uploading "Endless", however the length of the video is five minutes and two seconds -- which, YouTube tells me, is two seconds too much. So, I'm going to have to cut it a little to fit it in. Of course, that will take a little time, and I just don't feel like taking that time right now.

Instead, I uploaded "The Road to Nowhere."


On another note, I just spent the last two and a half hours listening to new age Celtic music. I'm trying to find a really dynamic and modern representation of traditional Celtic music. Why? Long story. Trust me, don't get me started. At any rate, do you think I could find a decent collection? Just one? No. There is a lot -- I mean, A LOT -- of new age Celtic music out there, but it all seems so compressed and repressed. It's all too "nice." What I've listened to is mostly on the verge of elevator music. There are no highs and lows; it's al…