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Now and Then

You can't predict the future. Who really wants to, anyway? I mean, if you could -- and you knew exactly what would transpire in days/weeks/years -- what fun would now be?

Still, right now is pretty awesome and the way in which things (music related things, that is) are going, the future seems to promise even more awesomeness.

Right now, I'm recording an album. It's really shaping up to sound great. Each recording is really impressing me with the instrumentation, the parts played by friends, and the tone. It seems like every time I hear a track, it's my favorite until I hear one of the other ones. It looks like tracking should be done in two or three weeks. Then, mixing and mastering. Then, printing.

Then, I'm releasing the album. I'll be sending it out to radio stations and venues. I hope to be booking gigs and doing some radio interviews and performances.

Right now, I'm playing with a band. Foxmen, the band, has been playing at open mics and rehearsing …