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Quickly Typed

Not a lot of time to blog. My friends are on their way over (yes, even in the snow storm -- perhaps they are coming by dogsled) with Rock Band 2 -- even after my insistence that I'm sick and won't be able to sing (oh alright, maybe I'll do that song... and, okay that one too... and... ugh... that one too).

I wanted to say that last night at Lena's (I didn't play -- too sick), I interviewed Kyle Miller for Inside the Open Mic. And while I did that, I was followed around by a photographer and Brian (the Gazette reporter -- who, earlier this week, had interviewed me about Inside the Open Mic). It was quite odd at first -- being photographed and all -- but I warmed up to it. Brian says that the story will be in the Sunday edition of the Gazette (which more people receive than the weekly edition I can safely assure you since I used to deliver the paper WAY back in the day) some time after the first of the year.

I suppose this means I will have to start editing some video…