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A New Experience

This past Friday I found myself involved in a new experience.

Some friends and I journeyed to Saratoga in search of something to do. Last summer, we frequented a pool hall tucked away in a back alley called Backstreet Billiards. It was kind of cool. None of us are really great pool players, but we hang out, listen to classic rock on the juke box, and my friends can drink beer. We also make fun of each other when we hit really terrible shots. It's fun. We decided to do that again.

On our way up the alley, we all sort of sensed something different. We didn't talk about it, but after we left--much later--we all agreed that we felt something. There were an awful lot of people hanging around outside. In the past, the place was always nearly empty; out of the eight tables that they have, there would usually only be three taken up. I opened the door to the place and was met by a bouncer dude who asked us for our IDs, which was something that had never happened before. At the same tim…


This is probably going to a quick, and--quite possibly--unintelligible, post as I am quite tired and am looking forward to re-introducing my head to my pillow. However, I wanted to get something down about the show last night (Saturday 5/5) before I get caught up in the week and forget about everything that happened.

I played at Jitters Cafe in Saratoga/Ballston Spa (it's like right on the line, I guess--no one is quite sure which city it is in). Jitters is awesome. They truly have the best cafe style food that I have ever tasted--and I have tasted a lot of cafe food. If I didn't live so far away, I would definitely visit Jitters more often. I had a chicken quesadilla. They put black olives and onions and green peppers on it; it's delicious!

I played fairly well. I did mess up some songs. I actually destroyed Crayons and was momentarily--and mostly introspectively--frustrated with myself for doing so. The other mess ups weren't as obvious and I was able to recover with o…