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I hate sweat pants and I use the word "hate" because it is a simple word and tends to be precise. However, I feel a stronger distaste to sweat pants than the word "hate" can truly communicate. (This thought is brought to you by the three college age women at Panera bread who are wearing sweats and look disgusting). *Note: the last time I wore sweat pants, I was in 6th grade. I have not worn them since.

I'm in Panera Bread (as you may have guessed) in Schenectady. I'm having a "me-date." First, I picked up some cat paraphernalia for Orea (my cat), which was the purpose of me leaving the house today. Then, I went to Barnes and Noble and spent about fifty dollars on books. I think I am excited about reading again. I had picked up a bunch of books back in late summer and started reading one of them. I just couldn't get into it... it remains one of only a handful of books that I started and did not complete. I grabbed some interesting looking fantas…