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There's Someone In My Head, But It's Not Me

Yo. It's Friday and it's almost lunch time. I'm in my PJs still and I have been doing a lot of nothing for the past few hours. Although, I did lay down in my bed and listen to the radio while a slight breeze washed in through the open window. It was a nice, relaxing experience. And I needed it. A lot.

I plan on doing more nice, relaxing things today. And tomorrow. And Sunday. Because I need to. A lot.

I did attend Lena's open mic last night, but I didn't interview anyone for Inside the Open Mic. (I did receive an advertisement for the series on -- a local music 'zine -- which is pretty cool). I played Passenger and Endless at Lena's. Afterwards, Emily Smith told me that she sang along to Endless. I invited her to sing it on stage with me some time. She's a great singer.

Some people have been asking when I'll feature myself in one of my Inside the Open Mics. I don't know. I like doing the interviews. I suppose I could have Stephanie i…