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My Motorcycle

A new song. A decision. And things I should be doing instead of blogging. Firstly, however, I saw Angels and Demons on Friday. It was quite an excellent movie. I was mostly on the edge of my seat (figuratively). After the movie, Stephanie filled in all of the gaps and explained that some of the events occured very differently in the book. I hadn't read the book. I should have. But, then the movie wouldn't have been as good. This way, I enjoyed the movie and am intrigued to read the book. Yes, I realize this is quite the opposite of what I typically preach as far as books and films made from books are concerned.

I am in bed at 8 o'clock on Sunday, because it's too late to mow the lawn (not to mention, I am much too tired to engage in physically demanding activities, such as mowing the lawn). I could be playing my guitar and practicing (and possibly re-working) the new song that I'll write about in a moment, but I don't have the energy. I also don't have the …