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Friends -- of the Robotic Nature and Not.

Last Thursday was a great open mic night at Lena's. Some friends, whom I have not seen in quite some time, were there. We shared songs and stories and got caught up. It was really cool. One such friend suggested forming a songwriter "super group," in which I replied, "Like the Eagles?" I'm not sure if the group will ever be more than just a dream, but I'm hoping to at least rehearse some songs and play them randomly at each other's solo gigs.

I have been kind of stale -- as far as song writing goes -- for a while now. I'm not sure of what my deal is, but I'm trying not to worry about it. I went through a similar stint of what might be considered writer's block a year or so ago. I was afraid, at the time, that I was at the end of my inspiration and that I might not be able to write anymore. However, I eventually broke out of it and wrote a pretty decent song.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to branching out a bit (for example: playing in …