I played Lena's open mic this past Thursday, as usual. I played a new song called, Frozen. I've talked about it before. I had to cheat (as in: bring a sheet of paper with the words on it up to the stage with me). I tried to look away from the sheet as often as possible, because I do know most of the words... but when you debut a song, you need that safety net. Or, at least, I do. I also played Passenger. It was a fairly big crowd of newbies, or non-regulars, which was cool.


I have gotten back into reading. I left off half way through the 6th Harry Potter book some time in December. I was sick and so I stopped. Then, it was the holiday and I was busy. It feels good to be reading again. I did three chapters last night.

So, to recap: I've written a song, I'm reading, I have a gig coming up in February... life seems to be rather typical at the moment. Which isn't to say that life has been untypical. It's just that some times I get caught up in other things and forget, I guess, to take part in those things that I love to do. Reading and songwriting, for example.


I am learning to cover two songs by the Swell Season, which is a band comprised of Glenn Hansard and Marketa Irglova. They wrote songs and starred in the indie film Once (which I wrote about a few posts ago). I have been loving the songs and they are easy to play. They are mostly easy to sing, but there are a few high notes in one of the songs and an emotional yelling part in the other one. I'm not good at high notes and I never yell, but I'm working on it. I'm not sure if I'll have them down for Lena's in the next few weeks or if I'll debut them at Mochablend...